About Us

We are MADM Academy, an online platform offering the most up to date, all in one Digital Course. We call it the “Digital Toolbox” and it is here to give you a comprehensive approach, to the world of all things digital.

What matters to us is Making a Difference (it’s in the name!) that’s why we’re partnered with Make A Difference Marketing, a digital marketing agency, based in Liverpool. To ensure we give all our learners the most hands on, real world experience.

Working through the Digital Toolbox provides more than just education and inside industry knowledge, but the opportunity to work alongside other local businesses. We wanted to give our learners the chance to build confidence and experience dealing with clients and industry experts alike.

We are fortunate to be connected with over 1,100 Liverpool based businesses and that number just keeps on growing.

The Digital Toolbox is all online, we wanted to ensure the safety of our learners and experts. We have recorded sessions and provide live zoom sessions to enhance the learning process.

Our aim is providing the space for learners to have conversations and ask questions of experts in the industry.