Forgotten Skills For The Digital & Creative Industries 

Let’s dust off the cobwebs!

Right, we all know the basics for landing that dream job right? Want to be a designer? Simple, become an expert with Photoshop + become a great artist! Want to code? Learn HTML, Java etc = job! Photographer? Easy buy a £600 Canon and see those $$$ signs each time the shutter closes.

Well, it’s not that simple but it is still easier than some might tell you. We just need to remember that there are more ingredients that go into landing that job or pushing your career forward. The really exciting thing is, these extra ingredients aren’t new, they’re not even especially hard but they are often forgotten. So whether you’re into content creation, graphic design, marketing or anything in between, this post has you covered and is going to give you some insights straight from the industries and the amazing people inside of them. Here are the skills you forgot were important.

Networking & Relationship Building

In our discussions and consultations with members, we delve deeper into this topic. However, it’s worth noting that networking plays a vital role in expanding your connections, which can lead to more job opportunities. It also provides access to professionals who can assist you with tasks that may be challenging to handle alone. By nurturing and building professional relationships, you showcase the ability to create lasting connections, a valuable skill for creatives who frequently interact with clients during projects.

Being adaptive and focusing on your CPD (Continuous professional development)

The rapidly changing digital landscape is also affecting the creative industries. Many are concerned about the impact of AI on the job market, but we believe that with continuous professional development and staying informed about industry advancements, individuals can remain relevant and prove their worth to clients and employers. Join us to gain the necessary tools to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Remember to never neglect your personal passion projects:

It’s crucial to keep pursuing them, even amidst the daily grind. This will keep you creatively challenged, and professionally sharp, and give you more to showcase and discuss. Additionally, engaging in personal projects has been shown to have positive effects on mental health. Keep reaching for your dreams and you’ll reap the rewards!


It may seem easy to disregard the above points as overly simplistic, but it’s important to remember the significant impact that small, consistent progress can have. While each point may not individually provide the desired outcome, it’s crucial to remain dedicated to your journey and hold yourself accountable. Ultimately, investing in yourself is key, and we are here to support you. Consistency is the key to success, and we are confident that you will agree.