Why join MADM Academy?

Welcome to MADM Academy! At Make A Difference Marketing, we’ve put together what we call the ‘Digital Toolbox’. A training course designed to expand your knowledge and upskill your expertise. We believe it is important for each and every person thinking about entering into the digital industry to understand all aspects of digital marketing. For example, you may want to specialise in web design, but to do that you’ll need to know copywriting and SEO, photography, video editing, cinematography and graphic design. More than that, however, you’ll be able to add massive extra value to your company by being competent in each of the twelve areas.

How does a lesson work?

If you check the “Materials” tab, you’ll find you can download your module materials. These materials will contain a lesson document or a presentation as well as a worksheet; in this case, it’s simply a .PDF file listing all the digital skills that you’ll be learning with us. The worksheet is not intended to be marked by a specialist, but is there to help you develop a deeper understanding of the subjects and to make sure you understand the key aspects of what’s being taught. If you ever need any extra help, you can always tune in to a live webinar with our specialists and engage with them there. There may also been a short, simple quiz on some modules. You can complete these to make sure you’ve understood what’s being taught!

Click here to view the course list and enter the academy.

Below, you’ll see the “Lesson Content” tab. Click this to be taken to the on-site quiz!